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The Chequers Inn Cassington: A New Chapter

Nestled in the heart of Cassington, The Chequers Inn has long been a cherished destination for those in search of authentic and heartwarming cuisine. However, it's the dawn of a new era for this beloved establishment, as Sarah Radovich steps in as the new consultant, bringing with her a vision that's set to transform the dining experience here.

Sarah, with an astute eye for culinary excellence and a deep understanding of the subtleties that elevate a dining experience, quickly recognised the treasure that was the food at The Chequers Inn. Under the skilled hands of Chef Santok Odedra, the kitchen has been creating dishes that not only tantalise the taste buds but also warm the soul. Santok, using her family's own hand-ground spice mixes, crafts her curries fresh daily and makes her own chapatis, offering a taste that's both authentic and deeply personal.

Despite the incredible offerings of the kitchen, Sarah saw that The Chequers Inn was doing itself a disservice. The true essence of its food and the story behind it weren't being fully communicated, and the atmosphere and decoration didn't do justice to the culinary marvels being served. It was clear to her that without the right promotion, an understanding of how to create an inviting atmosphere, and a strategy to highlight the uniqueness of their offerings, The Chequers Inn was missing the opportunity to shine at its brightest.

Understanding this, Sarah has embarked on a journey to transform The Chequers Inn from the inside out. Her approach goes beyond just aesthetics; it's about creating an environment that mirrors the quality and passion behind each dish. The goal is to craft an atmosphere that invites diners to immerse themselves in the flavours and stories of the food they're enjoying.

Chef Santok Odedra's philosophy of using unprocessed ingredients, and focusing on low sodium and low fat without compromising on flavour, is a testament to the possibility of indulging in vibrant, flavourful food that's also nourishing. This commitment to health, combined with the traditional techniques and personal touches she brings to her cooking, makes dining at The Chequers Inn a unique and memorable experience.

The Chequers Inn is set to finally get the platform it deserves. Our vision is clear: to let the world know about the incredible food that Chef Santok Odedra creates, to celebrate the stories behind each dish, and to invite diners into a space that feels as comforting and welcoming as the meals they serve. It's a new chapter for The Chequers Inn, one that promises to be filled with passion, innovation, and, most importantly, unforgettable flavours.

Stay tuned as we embark on this exciting journey. The Chequers Inn Cassington is not just about dining; it's about experiencing the very soul of culinary excellence. Under the guidance of Sarah Radovich and the culinary expertise of Chef Santok Odedra, we're on the path to becoming not just a restaurant, but a destination for all who seek the joy of food made with love, tradition, and a flair for innovation.

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We recently stayed at Chequers for a night whilst visiting Oxford as part of a big road trip from Australia. The room was very comfortable and quiet, the food was excellent and the staff and locals were very friendly. My wife and I would definitely recommend a stay at this hotel.

Sean and Karen

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