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Our Story

Meet Chef Santok

Santok's roots delve deep into the gastronomic heritage of the Gujarati region of India, acclaimed for its vibrant street food and healthy vegetarian cuisine.


Inherited from a lineage of extraordinary home chefs, Santok's cooking celebrates the flavours and traditions of her background. Her approach to cooking is rich in flavour but not at the sacrifice of health. Her focus is on preparing whole fresh, high quality produce and meat, grinding and mixing her own families spice blends, infusing her dishes with a unique signature that is impossible to replicate.

Since the restaurant's opening five years ago, Santok's journey as a chef has seen remarkable growth. This has made The Chequers Inn a beloved dining spot for village regulars, many of whom visit more than three times a week!

Image of Santon Odedrea, our head chef.

Santok's Mission

To serve dishes that burst with flavour without compromising on nutrition. Emphasising the importance of quality, her menu is crafted from the freshest ingredients, spices ground by hand, and the top quality meats and dairy. This commitment ensures that every meal is not just delicious, but truly nourishing.

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Offer a cosy atmosphere where locals and visitors from far can savour authentic and healthy Gujarati & Pan Indian food. Our goal is to cultivate a vibrant atmosphere that appeals to pub & food enthusiasts.

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